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Hey welcome to my userpage!!

Mr.Awesome A.K.A Me!

I am Yajirobe 123 some of you might just know me from the Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki this wiki is so awesome but it is still starting out so help out all you can. If anybody has a question just ask me! Some of my personal interists are listening to music (Mostly Billy Joel),watching tv,playing video games,and Dragon Ball!!!!

Top Ten Favorite Characters in DBZ are....

1.Yajirobe (Look at my Username).

2.Goku (Come on everybody likes the guy).

3.Piccolo (He a mean green fighting machine)!

4.Bardock (The apple dosen't fall too far from the tree).

5.Gohan (Come on he has an Ultimate Form for Pete's sake).

6.Vegeta (Nuff Said).

7.Mr.Satan (Hey the circus called they wanted their clown back).

8.Future Trunks (One word Sword).

9.Kid Trunks (Give him some credit).

10.Kid Goten (One minute a stong cute kid next minute a dorky playboy).